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Grow freight,
not headcount

Simplest automation in the biz.
Not a tool. No installation. No IT involved. No training needed.

Get your own AI Staff in 14 days

Get unstuck from ops overload

30 hours. That's how long you'll spend on ops if bookings spike up this week.e.g. build loads, source rates, send quotes, track shipments, schedule appts, clear customs.Leave it to AI Staff. You should get back to business now.

Automate in 14 days, not a year

Yes, you can get AI in 14 days. Pick a job. Teach us your SOP. And it's trained.No API/EDI. No effort from your IT. No limit on data format. If it's in email, we can automate it.Not a tool. Don't need your team to use it. AI Staff gets the job done itself.

Easiest hire you'll ever make

Need to hire? Go find talent. Convince them to join freight. Train on your SOP. Set probation. And pray that they don't flop...Or just hire AI. Get help in 14 days.

How AI Staff works

Train like a human: 0 tech effort. Send SOP to learn. Coach on the job.Deploy like a human: Assign jobs via email. Forward it and it's done.Sample use cases: Build load, Source rate, Send quote, Schedule appt, Track shipment, Clear customs, and other email jobs with SOP.

Too good to be true?See it for yourself

Trusted by freight leaders from mid-sized broker to billion-dollar forwarder.

Got questions?

Drop us a note. A human (for now) will answer it.

About us

>. Forward Labs is here to help the freight industry embrace a future of human-AI collaboration.Built by a team of technology entrepreneurs with experience growing multiple startups (some to a billion dollar).Backed by Silicon Valley VCs (with LPs such as Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates), and other logistics leaders.